Rose petal confiture

This is a recipe taken from my Krakovian grandmother who used to pick rose petals from all the rose bushes that grew around her neighbourhood. Confiture is ideal as a filling for donuts and croissants.



100 g rose petals

200 g custard sugar

6 tsp lemon juice


Even though I was very young I still remember her recipe which is extra simple. Just remember to keep a ratio 1:2 of rose petals to sugar.

You will need a makitra or pestle and mortar, clean your petals from dust and sand grains, remove the white part of petal (it gives a bitter taste), combine sugar with petals and crush them about 15 minutes into a fine paste, until you cannot feel lumps of sugar. Also, you could sprinkle the petals with lemon juice and leave them until the juice precipitate, and then start crushing.

Rose petal jam

Rose petal jam

Rose petal jam

Rose petal jam


Keep in cool and cold place or in the fridge.


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